Friday, July 29, 2011

Unknown fear

So I never thought I was afraid of heights but it is a different story (no pun intended) when there are no barriers to keep you from falling. I can't go into the details completely since these obstacles are "top-secret" but I had to be on a high wall and cross water. That was yesterday. Today I ended up on a high wall again and was again gripped with fear. No way to know until you try I guess. Luckily I think the worst has passed. We have a ropes course coming up but I don't have a problem if something is supporting me, such as a harness. I think part of the problem was that I had too much time to look down and fixate on how ez it was for me to fall.

Today I hit the MRE (meals ready to eat) jackpot. I got m&m's and pretzels. Yesterday I got patriotic cookies. That's right folks, cookies in the shapes of Lady Liberty, the American flag, and other American symbols. It felt a little treasonous biting the flag but they were decent. It's like eating might feel bad at first but Bambi tastes good.

Now that all of my assignments have been turned in and COT is coming to an end, my printer works now. I don't really need a printer anymore so that worked out really well.

Currently smokin hot outside and I am getting ready to head out into it again for parade practice. We got lucky yesterday and had a good breeze. Today we are not so lucky. This is a very glass half empty entry. Hmmmm happy thoughts......


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