Sunday, July 31, 2011

God smiled on me

Today we were supposed to leave for Blue Thunder which is a two night camping experience. Supposedly it simulates a deployed environment in which we sit around and do nothing. I've heard that in the middle of the night we are "attacked" and we have to deal with the "attack". I believe attack = firecrackers. Before even going I've been thinking of just not doing anything during the attack and laying there. After all it is "just COT". In this case I think it would be awesome to be the fake dead person. You can just lay there. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! But I don't feel like having a commander yelling in my face. Then again, no commander is as short as me and I'd imagine that it would be hard to bend over and consistently yell into my face so maybe that will deter some of the misplaced rage.

Moving onto the good news.....drumroll......due to a lightning warning, we did not leave for the Blue Thunder campsite today and instead were able to enjoy some more 2nd class privileges and eat off base. This is why I am able to write to you. An additional plus is that we only have to deal with 3 MRE's. MRE's are as heavy as they are delicious.....wait no that's not right. I mean that MRE's are not delicious and they ARE heavy. I don't have any pictures but think of the giant Army green duffel bag filled to the brim. Then imagine that bag on my back. I can't even really see me with it on but the image makes me laugh so I know you're smiling now. Unfortunately I just found out that I can't upload pictures here so check out my facebook page for all corresponding pictures.

Tomorrow the first buses leave at 5am. I do not plan to be on the first bus. I overheard some people talking about how they wanted to make sure they were first on the bus. These overachievers don't realize that it's "just COT". Like I always say "Aim Low, end up average". First thing we have when we get there is a ropes course. Supposedly it is really intense and takes about an hour. Since I am such an athletic person....PAIN HARCH!!!! I'm hoping that I will make it through ok. Supposedly there is a point where you can stop right after you ascend and you can get down if you freak out. Since we have a harness I think I will be ok but we will see. I'm hoping I will not be paralyzed by fear again.

Just to backtrack a little, yesterday a bunch of us volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. We went with our sister flight. Myself and two others from my flight went and had a blast. It was kind of like our leadership obstacle course stuff but not getting graded therefore automatically made it more awesome.

My morale was low on Thursday after I failed my leadership test, then on Friday I got a lil tipsy at the officer club orientation and my morale went up. Then I got paid on Friday and my morale went up little more...but then I realized that I was still here at COT and my morale came full circle to low again. To sum up, morale is back into the red. 4.5 days left HARCH!

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