Saturday, July 16, 2011

full night's rest

I have decided that the Air Force employees a type of carrot-stick reward policy. But they like to save money so they don't waste money on carrots instead using basic human liberties as carrots. On Friday we were upranked to third class (I think it was called 3rd class but it is physically impossible for me to stay awake during lectures so this is a guess). Third class means that we get base privileges. Up until this point we were limited to dorms, cafeteria, and lecture classrooms and auditoriums. In terms of dog leashes, it's kind of like we had a 1 inch leash before and now we have a 4 foot leash. It was AWESOME. I ate Taco Bell for lunch and pizza for dinner. People : do not take these amazing things for granted. I didn't really want to conform and walk with my hands cupped, stand at attention, and all that jazz....but when they dangled fast food in front of me, I felt compelled to reach for that carrot. so yeah I'm marching now doin my bit. Now I see why Bingo loves her carrots (hopefully you get that reference). Having access to bases and the ability to eat what we wanted also meant that we could talk at dinner without sitting on the edge of our chairs with our backs straight. I also loved not having to turn on a pivot, loved not having to start every sentence with sir/mam, and I loved not having to walk with my hands cupped. I slouched like no other and I felt OUTSTANDING. Base privileges rock. some AF dialogue for you

AF commanders: How do you feel?

Me and the rest of my class: OUTSTANDING!

I threw that dialogue in there so you could understand why I sprinkle in those OUTSTANDINGS.

Last  night I got to sleep for 9 hrs and it was OUTSTANDING. Since July 5 I have slept about 5 hrs a night. Luckily Saturdays means that we can sleep in until 6:30AM. Yall know what a morning person I am :) ok more to come later.

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