Monday, July 25, 2011

I forgot to tell you guys about the Urine chart! Yup we have a chart with varying shades of yellow posted in every bathroom stall here. The amount of water you need to drink is determined by the shade of urine you have. My roommate has a picture of it which I will try to upload tonight. Everyone and thing is judged here even the urine. We also get flag warnings that tell you the temperate warning. Black flag means dangerous to stay out long. They change the flags throughout the day by literally putting up pieces of paper on all the doors throughout the day. The military is all about color coding: weather warnings, urine analysis, Homeland Security.....well I guess Homeland Security doesn't count.

On a separate note now I understand why Zoolander couldn't turn left. it's hard to turn those corners sharp. no joke. Test done so now I just have my fitness test tomorrow. Hopefully I'll pass.

I continue to sleep in class and I actually wish that I could see what I look like when I nod off bc I think it looks pretty hilarious. There are 15 of us in our flight class in a U-shaped formation. Luckily since I am the computer officer, I sit in the front AND I also nod off the most out of anyone in the class. FLY FIGHT WIN. (sorry but it was bout time for some good AF propaganda). We're supposed to stand up when we're falling asleep but it can get dangerous when you fall asleep while standing. lol.

uggggghhhhh i'm so bored!!! We're stuck in our flight room w/out permission to go to our dorms. We have no assignments due and we have been cooped in here for an hour so far. Dinner is in half an hour. 30 minutes until my freedom but I don't know if going to DFAC (dining facility) counts as freedom. Give me liberty or give me death...Patrick Henry knew his stuff. Just to give you an idea of how awesome DFAC is, in tribute to Amy Winehouse "Try to make me go to DFAC I said NO NO NO!"

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