Thursday, July 21, 2011

halfway point

Halfway through HOLLA! so I just finished a presentation on Somalia. Did not think I would be doing ppt stuff here. We ran a 5k this morning but it was not scored for anything. I use the word "ran" very loosely. It is important to note that I got to wake up at 4:30AM for this fabulous run, same time I wake up every day. It was more of a race against yourself since it did not count for a grade. I decided that I am always a winner and do not like competing against myself, therefore put in minimal effort. Near the end there was a big hill that I saw several people struggle up. I admired those people for their effort.......but.....I decided to walk up it. The Air Force says to AIM HIGH. I say AIM LOW (then end up avg). Although I also use the word avg loosely since I ended up taking 32:55 to finish the run :)

We just started wearing our blues today. As we progress it seems like we get to wear brighter colors. I think the Air Force is doing whatever it can to make me look like a boy. I'm bringing sexy back in the form of MC-Hammeresque balloon pants. But I think Hammer's pants may have at least been low-rise. My pants are definitely mom pants. Essentially my pants have divided my stomach into 2 portions. Not sure if everyone will get this but think of the Mom skit from SNL.

We have one more academic test on Monday and Tuesday is our physical fitness test. I will probably pass but I should probably try to do more than the minimum. Amazingly I think I've got the push-ups covered.

With the weekend coming up, I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, sleeping in until 7AM or going to Burger King. That's right folks BURGER KING!!!!! We exercise a lot but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna b poppin buttons soon.

That's all I got for now but I will def post something this week!

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