Friday, July 15, 2011

1 week down!!

Hi friends!

So I've finished about a week and a half and this is definitely not what I thought it would be. Fiscal conservatives look away. We get a private bathroom (well semi-private because we share it with our roommates) and daily housekeeping services. Thank you American taxpayers. As soon as we stepped off the bus they started yelling at us to put our bags down, get certain items and go stand in line. In hindsight kinda hilarious how freaked out we all were. I forgot to pull out my cash from my bag so I had to ask to "fallout" from the line....yup that's right I'm using military lingo already and it's only been 8 days. I think it's been 8 days. The lack of sleep is blurring my thoughts. It's a new thing waking up at 4:30AM. I don't think I've ever watched the sunrise. Those of you who I'm not friends with until after noon know what I'm talking about. It's a blast watching  about 300 people nodding off in class and then abruptly jerk their head up as they try to stay awake. Everytime I wake up from a momentary nap I look around reassurance. If more people do it, the least likely I will be called out for a demerit. Moving onto demerits. So it turns out AF officer training took its lesson plan from kindergarten. Getting a demerit is like getting your name on the board. One of my flight members had a flight commander come up to him and say "DID YOU JUST WAVE AT ME?" The guy saluted but I guess it wasn't up to par so DEMERIT. We get uniform inspections before our first flight class of the day. My instructor comes around and checks us for loose cables on our ABU's (ABU= army branded uniform = the severely ugly camouflage hot did i mention ugly? uniform that military people wear). Honestly I'm tryin to just lay low and make it through this alive. Backtracking on some terms. We are all divided up into groups of 15 people. and each group is called a Flight. My flight is called Quebec. es All of us live together in a block of rooms and we have specific flight only classes, we eat, march and do everything together. Seems like most of the people in my flight are dentists. There are 2 other students who are going to Uniformed Services University with me (military med school in Bethesda, MD). I have to figure out how to post pictures but once I do you will see the awesomeness that is me after getting 4-5 hrs of sleep for a week. Gotta shout out to Danica who did say that Alabama was hotter than Florida. Marching outside in my ABU's for 2 hrs has proven you absolutely correct.

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