Wednesday, July 27, 2011

junk food HARCH

Junk food HARCH! hut toop threep fourp hut toop threep fourp....twizzlers HARCH! I don't recall if I reviewed all the military lingo or not but Harch is the command for moving forward and for some reason two = toop, three = threep, and four = fourp. I think it has something to do with making the words easier to yell out.

This morning I woke up at my cuIstomary 4:30am HARCH time. My roommate advised me that I had been talking in my sleep and I said "I want that carry out". I never remember my dreams but I think this speaks volumes to what I truly hold dear to my heart. I've been dreaming of Chick-Fil-A for a few days now. If you are reading this and you are able to go to a Chick-Fil-A, please go in my stead! My flight and I thought my vocalized food dreams were hilarious. Surprisingly though we asked for and received approval tonigh to order pizza. One of my flightmates is Jewish and our dining facility has very little that he can eat. The food is substandard to begin with, but it is much more difficult since he can only eat kosher food. It's miserable for all but triple miserable for him. We asked our squadron commander for a special exception since we are not allowed to order food in and we were approved. So I actually ended up getting carry out!!!!!

Moral: Dreams really do come true

Today during our "fun run" I tripped and fell scraping off some skin from both hands. It is just two fingers on my right hand and the palm of my left hand but pretty painful. Tomorrow we go through leadership obstacles and I'm hoping that I won't have an obstacle requiring to much right hand action.I should work on not being a wuss. Not being a wuss HARCH! 

I did laundry again bc I ran out of PT shirts again. I feel like I should just breakdown and buy more AF clothes but I can't let them break me. If I give in now with 1.5 more weeks to go I lose not just my money but my pride. Ok maybe that's a little ridiculous but I'm gonna pull out my "I'm tired" card. I haven't used it yet and I should be allowed to use that twice a day.
The men in our flight do not understand why the women are crazy about candy and chocolate. Answer: we pop babies (although not me personally), live by double standards, and have to deal with them. Women HARCH!

We've had some down time but I think the craziness is gonna start up again. Hopefully I'll get to write soon. Until then CARRY ON!

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