Friday, July 22, 2011

Today I wore make-up! Civilian women...DO NOT take this for granted. It's never fun when you get "Good Morning Sir". It takes hammer pants and boxy shirts to make me appreciate my curves. It felt weird putting it on at first but I decided to step it up for our pictures today. We took individual and flight pictures today. Someone asked what the individual pictures were for. Someone else replied "It's the picture they show when you die". lol.....kinda.....FLY FIGHT WIN! Yes they have ingrained these nuggets in my head. Expect future blogposts to be peppered with Air Force propoganda. I LOVE the Patriot Act and 1984 is an awesome book. Are you happy Big Brother??

Unfortunately my govt laptop has all the good stuff blocked so I have been living without tv and movies. Apparently it can be done but this makes my morale low (we right morale letters every week....I should put in something on my next one about the importance of netflix to morale).

I have pictures to prove that I actually am currently in uniform but we're not allowed to hook up anything or upload anything to our laptops so you'll just have to take my word. Thank goodness I'm completely honest and not a bit sarcastic.

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