Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recovery Mode

So I spent the day confined to quarters per my doctor's orders. After seeing the doctor and grabbing breakfast I slept most of the day. It felt nice to relax but was difficult to wake up for our dine-in at 4. I've been watching NCIS throughout the day bc one of my flight mates had a season on DVD. It is pretty cheezy and I don't even really like it but when you have no other options it is pretty appealing. It's bc of my COT goggles.....everything looks better when you're at COT. Some of the ladies and myself were judging the COT men and deciding if they were hot or if they were COT-hot. COT-hot means that we were judging with our COT goggles on. It's bad to be superficial but it's worse to pretend you're not. I admit I'm superficial.

I think part of why I wanted to go to the dine-in was just to wear make-up. I never really loved make-up but not having it is a little weird. I feel like a guy....well an extremely short, weak guy. The AF really strips us of our femininity. I always thought of myself as a little bit of a tomboy. But the AF has made me realize how much of my girliness makes up my identity.

Dinner at the dine-in was amazing. I don't really even like filet mignon but if I didn't drag my butt to the officer's club it would be MRE/DFAC. In case you don't know, MRE is meal-ready-to-eat and DFAC is our dining facility. Neither is desirable. TRIED TO MAKE ME GO TO DFAC...I SAID NO! NO! NO! (think Rehab and Amy Winehouse but we call our version Detox. I'd post the lyrics but they're a little too awesome to share.) I don't remember if the closed parentheses goes after the period or before. Luckily this is a blog so you probably care less than I do. Anyways a lot of random people have been asking me how I am. I appreciate the sentiment but I now realize just how many people saw me in my terrible state. I think I have some pictures from the hospital so I think I'll have to post them on facebook soon. You guys can meet Buddy. He's an overweight baby whose picture was on a portion of my EKG machine. We spent some time together. Fat babies are cute and all but aren't love handles overboard???

We have class one privileges which means we no longer have to march, except for parade practice. I believe we can talk in the hallways and bathrooms now too. You'd never think you want to talk to someone in the bathroom until you no longer have that freedom.  Graduation is this Friday. 3 DAYS LEFT HARCH!!

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